We are a multidisicplinary team consisting of two biologists, two computer scientists, and one medical doctor.



Inge Wortel

PhD Candidate

Computational Immunology, T cell migration, T cell repertoires, Cellular Potts Models


Jeroen Creemers

PhD Candidate

Clinical Trials, Medical Oncology, Tumor Immunology, Computational Oncology


Jessie van Buggenum


Single-cell Biology, Computational Immunology, Cell-cell interactions


Johannes Textor


Immunology, Artificial Intelligence, Causal Inference


Shabaz Sultan

PhD Candidate

T Cell Dynamics, Complex Systems Theory, High-Performance Computing

Open Positions

We are always glad to hear from enthusiastic and talented people who would be interested in joining our group.

At this moment, we are recruiting three new group members:

  • Tho PhD candidates at the interface between computer science and computational immunology.
  • One postdoc in computational immunology.

More detailed position announcements will be circulated soon through official channels. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’re interested!


Find us

You can find our group on the 5th floor of the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (RIMLS) building (Geert Groteplein 24-26). To get there from the train station you can take the “Heyendaal Shuttle” that goes to the campus and you can get off at the the stop “Huygensgebouw”. Then you stay at the same side of the road, walk a few metres up the hill and turn left, you will see the big “Sanquin” building, the RIMLS building is the green building on the opposite side of Sanquin (see arrow below).

Walk into the building and take the elevator to the 5th floor. You have to ring the bell to get into the department. Once inside, ask the secretary or someone else where to find us if you cannot find any of us at the central square near the coffee machine (which is often the case).