Supplementary Materials

Actin-inspired positive feedback couples speed and persistence in a Cellular Potts Model of cell migration

Supplementary Simulations

Simulation 1

A cell in "1D": a microchannel

Simulation 2

A cell on a 2D surface without obstacles

Simulation 3

A cell moving freely in three dimensions

Simulation 4

T cells moving in a constraining environment: the epidermis. (This page may take some time to load).

Supplementary Movies

Movie 1

"Stop and go" (I-RW) versus persistent motion of Act cells in microchannels.

Movie 2

Amoeboid versus keratocyte-like motion for Act cells in 2D and in 3D.

Movie 3

How shape limits persistence time: protrusion splitting and angular diffusion.

Movie 4

Act T cells in the skin: "stop and go" versus protrusion splitting.

Movie 5

Act T cells moving in a "stiff" versus a "deformable" tissue.